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App Lab Colection

We have been working hard on 30 Day Labs’ latest product, the App Lab, and we are very excited about it… Looking at the latest happenings in the world of Apps we came to the conclusion that keeping up with the latest in the world of Apps could be challenging. I mean there are a…

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Part 7: How To Scale an App And Take it To The next Level?


Connect & better communicate with your app & Audience to learn what works and be able to scale your App… We’ve launched our app, it’s making decent money, if not enough and everybody seems to be content with what they’re getting. This is as good as it gets, right? Wrong! It’s a little well known…

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Part 6: How To Promote Apps The Right Way To Get Exposure?


Obtain the Right Traffic & Audience for your App is the ultimate App promotion strategy… With the Global market & the reach it holds today, no matter how little or big your app audience might be, it can only get bigger & better. The question is how exactly can you promote Apps? By defining and…

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Part 5: How to Launch Apps On The Store The Right Way?


Make your initial app launch, an energetic one… Launching your app and putting it out there can be as exciting and grand as it gets and it really is, however, there are a couple of things you need to look out for: Make sure your app is in the right place! Categorizing your app where…

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Part 4: How to Spin the App Development Gears in the Right Direction…


Develop your app idea fluidly into an app… You might think that App Development should stay exclusive to people who make them:  App Developers & programmers but this is not the case & there are other ways that almost anybody can make an app. You can totally have a significant amount of positive input in…

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Part 3: How to Shape & Form Your App Ideas with Fluid Design


Give your app the right look & voice to shine… Let’s assume that an app idea is a lottery number and you’ve picked the best one there is but what good is a winning number if you don’t play the game and cash in the ticket? the same goes for your app ideas and their…

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7 Awesome App Development Tools That Will Blow Your Mind


We’ve put together a list of App Development tools of many kinds for quite a number of your varied App Development approaches. Each platform has certain advantages that is hopefully tailored to your needs. So without further due, let’s go through them: 1. PhoneGap What can probably be considered the most well-known, popular cross platform…

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Augmented Reality is the next big profitable trend in the world of apps


Augmented Reality opens up a whole new aspect to app experience. That is because it adds a whole new aspect to app interaction because it’s no longer just on your phone screen & it can be almost everywhere if it goes that far. it can actually interact in numerous ways with the old app development…

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[infograph] The numbers everyone needs to know about Apps which will blow your mind!


We found this info-graph to be insanely useful & interesting when it comes to finding categories and platforms to build Apps for. If you are interested in learning more about finding profitable App ideas that are also easy to make then check out our simple and step by step plan we call Idea Engine here.…

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Part 2: How to Pick The Best App Idea Using The Right Approach

App Idea Validation

Pick the best fabulous idea from your head… Having any number of app ideas is the best thing that can happen to anybody These ideas however are as powerful as a double-edged sword. meaning even though there is no denying their power, they can be as beneficial as they are misleading and distracting… We implement…

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