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Latest Technologies

We bring the latest tech to your projects to ensure reliability and robustness

Maximum Reach

We design your Apps to have the maximum reach from the very beginning

Pixel Perfection

Every pixel and the logic behind it is important to us

We Provide Everything You Need When It Comes to Mobile and Apps

30 Day Labs?

If you need a robust mobile infrastructure for your business or if you simply have the next billion dollar idea we are here to build it for you using the latest technologies available.

We are a bunch of talented engineers, graphic designers and marketing experts at your service to help you achieve your business or technology goals in the shortest time with the minimum budget possible.

App Lab

Here we build cutting edge mobile Apps for Android, iOS and Windows. We recently started working on wearable technologies which we are very excited about as it can help your goals dramatically.

Business Lab

Here we design your revenue channels and business objectives, Wether you want to make money with your apps, generate leads or create engagement with your audience/clients we have a special working solution for you!

Marketing Lab

If you have the best App in the world but no one knows about it then you haven’t got much luck. At marketing lab we make sure that your App stands out and gets the attention it needs to succeed.

Backend and Services Lab

No great App can work without a robust and reliable backend. All out amazing data services and infrastructure is happening here to ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

Under The Hood Perfection

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